Greetings, for the past 15 years I have done Evangelism Mission Outreach in my community. On Wednesday 15/6/2016 God opened my eyes and raised me up to do another Evangelism Mission, but this time to the whole of Tasmania which has a population of over 500,000 people. The Lord had me writing letters for three days to the general public about the state of the world and God's saving Grace through faith in Jesus Christ and a letter to Christians encouraging them to rally together to help me with this Evangelism Mission Outreach to Tasmania. My biggest outlay will be Printing costs and Postage costs. As Christians we all are disciples of the Lord our God Jesus Christ, in Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus tells His disciples His last commandment … "the Great Commission." I will be speaking at the Churches throughout the State motivating Christians to join the Evangelism Mission to reach out to the lost in their own communities. Christians travel thousands of miles away to other countries to "the Mission Fields" to reach out to the lost, though Australia is no longer a Christian Nation and in view of that "the Mission Field" is now here in our country, all you have to do is walk out your front gate. Jesus wants Christians to be involved in reaching out to the lost here in Tasmania, with the Mission format the Lord has given me to accomplish. Please support me with Trust in Jesus Mission Outreach here in Tasmania, in these the last of the last days.
I am trying to raise funds to help me with my Trust in Jesus Outreach Mission to reach out to the Lost to the whole of Tasmania, Australia in a very powerful way. Even though I am not a good Public Speaker, our Lord wants me to Speak at Churches, motivating & encouraging Christians to join the Mission in their own communities. I am printing off hundreds of thousands of pages to give out to people to try & wake them up to what is really happening in this evil world & how close we are to the end & the return of Jesus Christ. I will be telling them about Jesus Christ & what He did for us on the cross & the Grace of God, that they may be saved, so they are prepared not accept the Number of the Beast when it comes & how to recognize it, so they are informed & can come to the Lord now or when the time comes. Also because I will be away from home for months at a time, travelling around the State Evangelizing, paying the average accommodation costs would be astronomical. For instance to be away from home for just one month, the accommodation costs could easily be around $4,500 & for a year $54,000 which would be dead money. So I am hoping I could buy a reasonable second hand Toyota Coaster for around $25,000 which would be a mini home for me the time I am away which would give me an additional $29,000 in savings for printing & postage costs. On top of any Christian donations / contributions that I receive from Crowd Funding & donations from Christians & the selling of any of my possessions of value, of which I have already raised $1500. My wife & I are on Pensions but I get an allowance of $170 which will pay for petrol costs & food while I am away. I am planning to do my first journey to North West Tasmania in August, so in the meantime I will be able to contribute an additional $1100 for printing costs. The whole of Tasmania has a population of over 500,000 to reach out to, I will be needing at least $100,000 & I think to myself how on earth can I raise that sort of money, but I must rely on Jesus to provide my needs, & if it is the Will of God it will happen ,,,,,,,,,, I just need faith. ... Thanking you Sincerely in Christ Adrian Avenell