Once I was able to visit a place called Nakuru and God revealed to me it's beauty. Despite what the world called this place, I saw it's natural potential. A place that the world might deem impoverished, underdeveloped and overall disabled. God gave me eyes to serve his glory in sharing what he saw in Nakuru. God showed me a place where some are seen as weak in the greater part of society and made them rich in faith and love. God transformed people before my very eyes, those who had been crippled by the weight of what the world expects and grew them up to be greater leaders than the corrupt ones already in place. I have been shocked into reality since experiencing such a paradoxical paradise in Nakuru. God took this one place (the last place I thought I would go) and released me into his mercy and grace to conquer fear of what I thought Africa to be and made me victorious there. He used me in ways that have humbled even the smaller parts of my heart. I have been able to serve there in Nakuru, to the point where I could not imagine myself not going back. My heart is there and it is there where the Lord has lead me and had encouraged me to invest my time as a disciple. Jesus calls us to go out into all the nations to bear witness of the promise of our Father upon us- our repentance and His forgiveness through the death and resurrection of Jesus. He calls us to renounce all that belongs to us. Whether this be the comfort of our brand new queen sized bed from Ikea, our comfortable old car that is loyal but is looking a little lackluster on the cosmetic side, a place to call home and lay out heads at night or shoes to protect our feet. He calls us to give up all these things for the sake of saving lives. He calls us to go out and multiply in his kingdom. He calls us out of comfort in order to grow us in love, in the fullness of his spirit. He has called us to sacrifice like Jesus has for us, who gave up his life for his friends. He has called us to love above all these things by surrendering our own will/life to God in order to love and better serve him and his kingdom. I am more than called to return to this white harvest ready for reaping, I am committed to the call to love so deeply so as to raise up a community of young people for His glory and take only the blessing of being a part of it. I am committed to work alongside these young people to grow them as knowers and doers of the truth by sharing the simple love of God with them. I will be leaving behind 3 jobs I have thoroughly enjoyed serving at for the last year, I will be leaving behind countless material items and the love of my family. I will sacrifice these things because they are worthless to me if I am not following Jesus. This is the cost of his life for my death.

We will be serving at a local church called the Trinity Vineyard Church, Pangani Primary Special School and I'm hoping a baby home as well as some local college campuses. Jacqueline Skinner and I will be serving together in this community for a total of 3 months, if not more. We are open to where the spirit moves and leads and we are praying for all the encouragement and support we can get through this radical move from God. 

Help support us through prayer and love. I charge you to stand behind us in this movement of grace and conquer your fears! Freedom is at hand.

Estimated costs:
Flight- $900
Housing- $400
Utilities- $30
Food- $800
Water- $100
Visa- $50
Donations- $500*

**The schools we visited requested help with getting desks and chairs. This money will help with supplies to build and distribute these materials.