India, Teeth, and Adventures

Campaign Created by: HUDSON WELLS

Goal: USD $6,000
Raised: USD $ 2,110
Hi Family, 
Your prayers and support this past season have been incredible and I am so thankful for all that you sown into the ministry before me. I have created a video update for those who have sown into my life and invested into the ministry as a way to show thanks and what they are investing into. 
If you haven't seen my latest video, you can check it out HERE

This past season in Canada has been an incredible one, where I've seen the Lord do wonderful things and I look forward to the future. Along with the completion of the first year of the Wellspring School of the Kingdom, has come many new opportunities and several large expenses I wasn't planning on. I hope that this campaign will give those who feel to invest into what God is doing around me a way to do so. Below I will list out some of these needs and you can designate your donations to something specific, of you can give and it will go to the greatest need. 

Missions Trip to India - $2500 - The QHOP team is going to India to share the Love of Jesus. We will be leaving this August with a local to the village we are visiting and will be traveling the southern tip, spreading the gospel as we go. Consider giving to this missions trip and seeing these people (who have never seen a westerner before) transformed by the Love of God. 

Dental Work - $1500 - For the past several months my teeth have been bothering me, and it has just been recently that I was able to go to a dentist to check out the problem. There are several things that need to be taken care of. We were able to do an immediate root canal, but there are a couple other things that need to be worked out to get my mouth functioning again. 

The Pillar Ministries Startup - $1000 - For those of you who know Pillar Ministries, we have taken this last season to do some internal administerial work in preparation for what we desire to become - a Missionary Sending Agency. It has taken some work to have our tax-deductible status and we are making sure that everything we do is very solid and above board. Pillar Ministries has allowed me, and many others, to travel much more freely and has given me the ability to raise funds with ease. If you've ever been ministered to by the Pillar Team or the Ministry itself, please consider giving to this fund. 

Catch up Funds - $1000 - Due to some of these expenses, my personal finances have needed to be allocated to other things, setting me back about a months worth of support. If you would like to give to this, that would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to join my monthly support team, please contact me and I would love to share with you what that entails and why that is a wonderful decision for the both of us :-). 

I love you all so much and am thankful for you investment in me as I serve the ONLY unreached people group in North America, continue to raise up Sons and Daughters of the Living God to do great things for His Kingdom and to Love HIM with all their hearts, and send out missionaries to serve their local and international brothers and sisters in the Lord. 

Your Brother and Friend, 
Hudson Taylor Wells


Update #1
May 8, 2016
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I have a donation to cover my Dental work! Praise the Lord! 

Thank you all for praying!! 


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