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I am the current director of YWAM's sailing vessel Next Wave. We are currently docked in Lesvos, Greece assisting the refugees crossing from Turkey into Greece. The ship is providing housing and a place of community for teams working in the refugee camp on the island.

YWAM is working under a humanitarian organization called Euro Relief to help provide clothing, food, housing, sanitation and showing love. Along with maintaing the ship and hosting teams I and the crew spend several days a week working in the refugee camp and with other ministries helping refugees.

Everyone in YWAM is volunteer and is required to raise their own living and expenses. 

Will you please partner with me to show God's love and mercy to the refugees?

About me

Aboard s/y Next Wave

My name is Ray Pieratt. I have been a full-time missionary for 12 years serving with YWAM in the Caribbean, USA, Mexico, Central Asia, Europe and on board the Next Wave.  My primary ministry for the past 8 years has been in the area of Biblical studies and training missionaries to go out into the field. I have done all of this with financial provision from churches, friends and family.

Update #1
January 1, 2016, 10:03 am

Fundraise update:
Airfare and waterproof gear has been covered! (Through other funding soures).
My biggest need now is an another $200/month support should cover higher living expenses.
$200 X 6 months = $1200. Monthly or one time donations can help cover this cost.

Mission Update:
I will be flying with a team to Athens and we will travel by coach two hours west to meet the ship in Itea, Greece. There we will sign on as crew and we will do some sail training with the new team. The next weekend we will sail the ship around to the the SouthEast side of Athens (passing ancient Corinth on the way). Early the next week we will begin to work with ministries helping refugees that are stacking up in Greece due to closed boarders. We hear the situation on the ground is constantly evolving so we will not know details until we get there. After a few weeks, a decision will be made to stay there or move to one of the Greek islands off the Turkish coast where refugees are crossing to get into Greece.

More information to come!

Update #2
December 1, 2015, 2:04 pm

I am at YWAM Harpenden (UK) this week for meetings settting up the Refugee outreaches. Things are coming together and will have more definte idea of where and what we will be doing.

One of my first major needs is to buy a plane ticket to Athens to get to the ship. With getting to the airport and airfare the price is abotu $250 right now. I would like to get the ticket before price goes up and need to confirm with the ship when I am coming.

Very practical need that you can help provide!

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Campaign Created by:
Youth With A Mission Dunedin, FL Follow

$310 of $1,200

26 % Complete 3 donation(s)

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