The Story

"THE LONESOME TRAIL", tells a western story of the prodigal son and a war between good and evil. This is the story of a wealthy landowner named Mike McCray and his feeling toward changes happening in his town that he build with the sweat of his brow. The town is a bright cheerful place with streets lined with stores with the look of a western town set in the 1890s with a general store, land office, hardware store, and McCray's mining. It is clear from the size of the sign of McCray's mining on the biggest building in town that this is Mike's town.

Mike McCray is a weathered looking cow man with a bit of a seedy demeanor who thinks that because he owns most of the town he owns the people in it too. Known for his way with the ladies he spends a lot of his time in the saloon with May the saloon owner and the saloon girls. The only God we see in the town is Sister Francis Barnes who often is walking back and forth in front of the saloon with a sign that say “The End Is Near".

 I am a Christian woman film maker. What that means to me is that the stories I tell should reach people's heart. It is so important for women filmmakers to get our work on the screen. It is my hope to follow in the footsteps of great women filmmakers like Kathryn Bigelow Director of 'The Hurt Locker'. Bigelow became the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director. Other directors that were recognized by the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing were, Lina Wertmüller for 'Seven Beauties' (1975), Jane Campion for 'The Piano' (1993), and Sofia Coppola for 'Lost in Translation' (2003). One can only dream of getting a production to be at the level of these great women, but we have to do our best to make our work the most outstanding piece of art we can!

The Director:
Arlette Thomas-Fletcher is an award winning independent filmmaker. She is also the president of Fruits of The Spirit Productions Inc., a Christian film production company that produces, music videos, short and feature films. Arlette’s works have been featured at:

              -Baltimore Women’s Film Festival    
             -Attic Film Festival
              -Torpedo Factory Art Center Female Short Film & Video Showcase
              -The Phoenix International Christian Film Festival
              -World Music Independent Film Festival

 Arlette has produced over 25 music videos and 4 short films and currently 2 feature films. She has been recognized on local and national levels for her scriptwriting and short films. Her short film, “Assault in Brooklyn” won a Peer award for scriptwriting at the Television Internet Video Association in Washington, DC.  Her short film “The Mystery Date” won best local short film at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival.  Among her many awards for her short films, Arlette has also written, directed, and produced various music videos.  Her music videos “Let Me Go”, “God Has My Back”, and “Lord Show Me the Way” have won Accolade Awards of Merit.  Her music video “You’re Not Alone” was nominated for Honors at the World Music Independent Film Festival and received a nomination for Best Music Video at the Attic Film Festival. She recently completed three other shorts films “The Remodel Zone” short documentary, "One Woman Man", and “Blessing in the Storm.” Currently she has two feature length films in post-production "The Lonesome Trail" and "Where's Daddy?” 
What We Need
We need $25,200 to help us produce this exciting Christian Indie film. There are a lot of things that are needed to get this film done and we would appreciate your help to get our production completed. 
This will help to to finish post-production completed. 

Whatever donation you make will pay for:
Post-production costs
Visual Effects
ADR sound for our film
Packaging and marketing
Film Festivals fees
Graphic Design

It has been my privilege to work with a wonderful cast and crew on "The Lonesome Trail" please help me be able to raise the funds necessary to finish get our film out of post-production. Without your help our film cannot be made. Please help us bring this touching family film to the screen!


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