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We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, Maryland non-profit corporation, created to with the vision of ending the cycle of homelessness, starting with Our own backyard. Our mission is to ease the everyday suffering of our homeless friends, by giving them clothing, a hot meal, toiletries and "pocket" food (which they can take with them to use later). We go out to the locations where the homeless actually congregate: the streets and the woods...putting these items directly into the hands of those who need it most.  Our longer term mission is to create a living environment for the homeless that is safe and protected, including permanent housing options for those who are chronically homeless.

Once they are in safe, secure housing, we can then offer other services, addressing addiction and mental health counseling, physical health services, family reintegration, job training and placement. In order to assure that no one slides back, we plan on offering ongoing support services, including housing assistance, transportation, mentoring and professional counseling.

The homeless are not "those people!" They are our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, our uncles, aunts and cousins...our children! They are our neighbors and our schoolmates. As such, they deserve to receive our love, support and caring. So many of us are just a paycheck or two away from being tagged as homeless, with all of the accompanying stereotypical assumptions. There are many who want The homeless to, simply, go away. Sadly, they have no where to go. But, there are thousands of success stories across the country and we are helping to increase those numbers, through caring about our homeless friends.  As Jesus entreats us, "My new commandment is for you to take care of each other; to treat others as you would be treated; to love one another."

As our organization continues to grow, we will continue doing what we have always done: provide a meal, clothing, toiletries, a hug, conversation  and a smile.  Most of all, we will recognize our homeless friends and treat them with dignity and respect, which all human beings deserve.

We are non-sectarian and not affiliated with any specific church or religious organization. We are simply individuals who care about those who have been stymied in the game of life and who deserve to be put back on the playing board, with the support they need to survive, thrive and succeed!

Join us by volunteering, donating clothing, food, toiletries or financial resources. Share our Mission and Vision with friends and families. Help us make a difference in lives, families and communities!  By helping in this Mission, you will find that you are making a difference in your own life, feeling the connection you are making with those in your community who are less fortunate.  It is a blessing to help others!  As Hillel the Elder said, 2000 years ago: "when you hurt one soul, it is like hurting all souls, everywhere in the world; when you help one soul, it would s like helping all souls, everywhere." In essence, we CAN make a difference in the world, by making a difference in our community!

Update #1
December 4, 2015, 4:05 pm

Nov 28 Distribution Run - Thank you Haleigh LaChance, Pam Copeland Armbrester and Lita Armbrester, for helping with our distribution today. We helped 36 homeless friends today, including providing a special meal, thanks to Haleigh, Ron Pagano and Nancy Gismondi Pagano.

Ron provided 4 rotisserie chickens (from Sam's Club), Nancy provided 30 tupperware containers and Haleigh put it all together, along with cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes! We wanted to do something special for Thanksgiving and our homeless friends seemed to enjoy it very much, along with the clothing, snack food and toiletries we distributed.

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Campaign Created by:
From Roots To Wings, Inc Delmar, MD Follow

$0 of $8,400

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