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     The Story                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      About  26 years ago, the Lord put a burden on my heart for Africa.I questioned God and myself...Africa???  Lord is that you or me?  I knew absolutely nothing about Africa. As time went on, the burden became no lighter. So, I began to pray for Africa. My prayers were general to say the least, as I had no other information, no facts, nothing to go on.  So I prayed for Africas salavation, for the word of the Lord to be known to the people there and that their hearts would turn towards the loving Father that I knew personally.  This went on for years!!!  I would ask, "Lord, what about Africa"? The Lord had placed a desire in my heart to help Africa. I even developed a desire to go there on a missionary trip...but once again, I didnt know where in Africa, I didnt know how, or who this would involve. Life went on. And I prayed.
During the years that went by, I had made several friends in a Christian group on line. I cherieshed this group,for there existed in it an agape kind of love as we shared our questions, concerns, our excitement about the good news involving our Lord. I am a Christian Therapist, though currently disabled for health issues, and I would find solace in counseling the people of God which included teachers, preachers and people in their everday walk with the Lord. I would often get several friend requests from those reaching out for Chrisitan Counsleing. I loved being able to fellowship with the people of God in a very personal way. 
One day I received a friend request from a young Pastor by the name of Philip Akoto. I recognized his name from some comments we had shared on line. We had been conversing casualy like this for a few months. Soon, we began to personal message one another and spoke enthusiastically about our Heavenly Father. We shared the same excitement for the things of the Lord  and I grew more fond of Pastor Akoto, I would share our conversations excitedly with my husband and children. There was a spiritual connection between Pastor Akoto and I that I could not explain. He was younger than my own chlidren, yet so responsible in obeying the call the Lord had placed on his heart concerning the people of his country...which I soon learned was Ghana, Now, though I have a degree from a university, I can tell you I've never been the sharpest crayon in the box when it came to Geography!  As Pastor Akoto spoke of Ghana, i did not realize where Ghana was, Feeling a little embarrassed over being geographically challenged, I googled Ghana after one of out coversations. In the background of the map of Ghana, were large letters spelling out the country..., it said AFRICA. I became very excited!  Forgetting about my embarrassment over my geographic challenge, I text Pastor Akoto immediately. I said "Philip, is Ghana in Africa?  He replied, "ha,ha yes, Ghana is in Africa"!  I expalined to him my surprise and sadly my geographical ignorance, which he only snickered at.  I didnt share my hearts long time desire and burden for Africa with Pastor Akoto at that time.I wanted to keep it between me and my Father, I wanted confirmation. About a year passed, and soon Pastor Akoto began to call me "mom". when I questioned why he called me mom, he answered that I had become his "spiritual mother" over the months we had known one another. I had absolutely no problem in calling him "son". for he had become my spiritual son. During our entire relationship, i never heard one negative thing concerning Pastor Akotos situation with his church ,Never a complaint, only joy and peace.  He never asked for one penny. However, it was from the many questions i posed to him that I learned of how difficult answering the call of God had been on Pastor Akoto. God had placed on his heart to raise up a church of grace and love after our heavenly Father.. He had a deep desire to share the gospel and about God's grace upon his people. Philip had answered the call at a great sacrifice. And God confirmed His call in my own heart to help the people of Ghanna.  When I shared the desrie the Lord had placed on my heart, we were both singing hallelujahs!   Below is the story of Pastor Akoto and his congregation; Grace of Christ Fellowship.

The Facts

 I'm not attempting to raise funds for myself, but for Pastor Philip Doodu Akoto & his congregation ; Grace of Christ Fellowship  As an answer to God's call on his young life, Pastor Akoto began a church with 7 people!! He currently has over 36 members. The church is growing quickly! That's all great news!! The problem? Pastor teaches outdoors in a local park in the dark. They do not have funds for renting a building, to seat all the members or electrical resources. From what I understand, many of the members who attend the church are poverty stricken. God has laid it on my heart to help. That is why I signed this cause up under GiveSendGo. Givesendgo is a secure website where you can donate any amount of funds & it is protected by a secure system. No one, not even the campaign manager, such as myself can ever view your financial information. To seat one member of the congregation, it costs a mere $5.00. To get Grace of Christ Fellowship in a building, is $500 USD per year for a small building that can hold approximately 60 people.. the congegation is also in need of help paying utilities whis is estimated at $100.00 per month. Any extra funds would cover the fees for any service charges and a much needed sound system which is estimated from pricing at around $3000.00. I've known Pastor Philip A koto for over 2 years now. He is a young man after God's own heart! This is truer than ever since he had a revelation of God's unmerited favor & unconditional love! Though he planned to be an accountant, he has confided in me that this passion has faded since God's call on his life to tell others about God's goodness. You can click on this sight & go directly to givesendgo. There, you can view pictures of Pastor  Akoto & his congregation, learn about how givesendgo works & read all of our updates  We realize the funds will not come in over night but expect this campaign to be long term until the congregation can stand on its own which we are estimating to be two years . Please remember, we love & appreciate each of you deeply in Christ!. Be blessed!!! Lila Cook & Pastor Akoto.

Since I began writing this campaign, Pastor Akoto and I have pooled out monies from his emploment and my disability payments over the last four months to almost complete one year of rent. The Landlady allowed the congregation to move into the small building on good faith that the remainder of the money would come in within the month of December, Currently, we are $200.00 short of reaching the goal for one years rent,This means that any funds received will be applied to the remainder of this years rent and the items listed above: next years rent, a sound system and chairs for members to sit in, please join us in faith believing that these donations will come in, 

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Campaign Created by:
Lila Cook Grace of Christ Fellowship Ceresco, MI Follow

$0 of $2,400

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