Welcome friends!

This fundraising campaign is to help cover the cost of an upcoming missions trip I will be taking to Bulgaria, October 7-18, 2015 through Symphony House of Prayer in Manchester, NH. 

Why Bulgaria?
Bulgaria is a post-communist nation with a local Church that has an incredible hunger for more of Jesus, as well as the desire to develop a House of Prayer for Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Our team will be going to support these efforts. We will be doing this by teaching at a conference, ministering to women and serving in a local gypsy village. Our vision is to see our local impact spread throughout Eastern Europe.

After coming back from Swaziland and Mozambique in September of 2014, I've been increasingly involved in Symphony House of Prayer. My desire for this season of life has been to live and love in an intentional way here in Manchester, NH. However, the need surfaced for additional team members on this trip and I felt the Lord invite me into partner with His vision for this country. With excitrement I've said yes to this latest adventure!

The cost of the trip is approximately $1,400. This will cover transportation, food and housing expenses while there. My goal is to help offset some of this with contributions from family and friends who feel to partner in this way. 

Truly! If you've made it this far, thank you for your interest and support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for any help you can give. I'm so grateful for your prayers and consideration!
With love and gratitude,