Meet Bella.

Bella is a sweet 3 year old girl who has been diagnosed with low-functioning/high needs autism spectrum disorder (ASD) along with a sensory processing disorder.

Bella's mom explains how her little girl always likes to be held tight and it comforts her to be held and carried.  "She is low functioning, and cannot express her needs/wants," Bella's mom says.   She feels that wearing Bella will help calm her and help prevent meltdowns. 

"We don't get a lot of eye contact," Bella's mom tells us, "but when we do, she wins us over with her beautiful smile, and gorgeous eyes."

Bella's mom tells us more about her sweet girl:  "She is currently enrolled in a preschool for autistic children at our local county board of DD, and while we have seen a great deal of accomplishment and growth over the past year, we still deal with a lot of meltdowns that could be avoided if I could keep her close, in a carrier. She receives speech, occupational, and physical therapy at school... We had a second opinion full screening done at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism last September.

Bella's mom continues, "We deal with so much stress due to the lack of ability to communicate, but we often times find that if she snuggling with me, or being held and comforted with just the closeness that comes with cuddling. Sadly, as we all know, we cannot always abide cuddling when chores need to be done. I find that she has a lot more meltdowns when we have to go grocery shopping, or to family events, and even when I am just doing dishes. If I am holding her, she is calm and content.... I cannot express enough how much this could help... We just want to have a happy, safe child, while we work to help her learn how to express herself and understand the world around her."

Here is where you come in….

Now you can help Bella and her family by providing them with the gift of babywearing. Our goal is to raise $145 to provide Bella with a preschool size ergonomic Kinderpack carrier that will meet her needs and allow Bella and her family to #babyweartothrive.

Bella and her family are so grateful to have your support. Our organization will be publicly thanking all donors on our website 

Lift Me Up is a non-profit program created by three mamas (KristinSarah, and Rachel) with the mission to provide babywearing carriers to families who have children with special needs. Babywearing is a unique therapeutic tool that can benefit both the child and the caregiver. We provide ergonomic carriers to qualified families who have a child with a developmental special need and who do not already own a carrier.

The Carrier Connection by Lift Me Up is a way for you to join the #babyweartothrive movement. We feature families through this Carrier Connection campaign so you can learn their stories and support them personally. These families have a special need for larger sized carriers so older toddlers or preschoolers can also receive the benefits of babywearing. These types of carriers are more costly and more difficult to come by than carriers sized for infants and smaller children. Lift Me Up has recently partnered with Kindercarry to help make our Carrier Connection successful so even more families can babywear to thrive.

To meet our other Carrier Connection families and see how they are now babywearing to thrive because of your donations, go to our webpage and check out our blog updates. 

100% of money raised from this fundraiser will go directly to providing an ergonomic carrier for Bella and her family. If funds exceed the goal, all extra funds will be allocated to the next Carrier Connection family. We three mamas of Lift Me Up are strictly volunteers; it’s important to us that every one of your dollars goes towards helping families who have children with special needs #babyweartothrive.

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Visit our website to learn more details and find out how babywearing aides in physical, emotional, and social development of the child. Here you can also follow our blog, read stories of our thriving recipients, and make a tax deductible donation anytime. 

The gift of babywearing might be priceless, but with your help we can provide Bella and her family with the carrier they need to #babyweartothrive.