Project Feed Burundi

Feed Burundi

My family (McKenzie, Caden... (Louie & Lola - Our dogs) and I) have sponsored Sabushimike Vioette for the past 2 years.  She's a 10 year old girl that lives in the community of Kinama, Burundi in Africa (Food for the Hungry Child ID: 1080260397).  

Our family would like to become more active in making a difference by expanding our donations to include her family and the community of Kinama (Community Garden, Fresh Water, Livestock, etc.).  It would be a dream to take my children to meet those who we're helping to support so that they can understand what a difference it can make it anyone's life if we take action... day-by-day... one step at a time.

I want my legacy... what I will be known for when I grow old... or make it to heaven... to be how I've tough my kids to define themselves for who they are and what they do - To be shining lights to help heal this broken dark world... vs. living a self-serving life for materialistic or tangible goods that only provide temporary satisfaction, but soon fade away.  

This is my opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my family (My Ex-wife and I recently went through a traumatic divorce (8/13/13)... I accept 50% accountability in the failure of the marriage.  Since then, she has re-married in June of this year.  I want my kids to understand the true meaning of life... a life that's built upon Christ.

***Please indicate that you're making a contribution to "Feed Burundi" when you submit a donation so that it can be accounted for appropriately"

Risks and challenges

Setbacks that may occur after our project is funded is to ensure that the money goes directly to Kinama, Burundi. I understand that there are others in need around the world. My children have kept in touch with Violette and I would like for them to see what a difference they've helped to make. Ideally through a missionary trip to help this particular village. If we are to add that as "Phase II"... we'll need to raise additional funds. I would also like to know what this community is in need of most so that we can help provide something that's meaningful and sustainable for all.


Update #1
July 26, 2015
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