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Ø  It has gotten him on the Oprah Winfrey Show
Ø  It has taken him to the White House Twice
Ø  He has covered to date 7,000 miles
Ø  A Lived Streamed, Televised production is being produced as he’s….
adding another 3,000 more miles for Trailblazers and our Future leaders
Ø He’s a Veteran, Father, Husband, Grand-dad, Author, Pastor & Cyclist
Ø All in an effort to raise funds in support of St. Jude’s Cancer Research Children’s Hospital, The City of Life Foundation Resource and Research Center, other Non Profits, Scholarships and much more.
As crazy as it might sound, it’s not all that unusual; especially when one has a passion for what he or she believes in.  He has just that because he has been fortunate to live long enough to know what it is to have much and then the rug snatched from you and the unthinkable happens and you’re homeless and hopeless.  There are so many young and old that falls prey to this dilemma that he would like to bring their hopes, dreams and dignity to reality.
On October 7th in 2009 he had reached another milestone, right on his birthday.  For the third time he ridden his 10 speed bike with miles totaling over 2,500. He had left his congregation and family to help those less fortunate. Why you ask? It’s simple, because of his passion and personal conviction, his deep struggles and experiences that he had not long ago experienced himself. Clearly the milestone climaxed when he was invited by Oprah’s producers to be  on “Oxygen” the after show of the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. The Dream came true when he walked on to the stage and stood next to one of the most influential woman in the world.
As he reflected on the many experiences ranging from having it all to having nothing at all. At one point, homelessness became an all too familiar way of life. “Being homeless is just like having a cavity that doesn't get fixed. It only gets worst if there is nothing to fill it. That's how his life was for the four years that he spent in a cardboard box, dark, painful, and hollow". As the former manager and agent for a legendary Rock & Roll Star, they shared commonalities of a very lavish lifestyle. Clearly hitting rock bottom was not the same view or experience that he had imagined would unfold. Today, he’s married to his best friend and co-laborer in ministry “ The Only and 1st Lady”, Burlinda D. Hardnett of Atlanta, GA, founder of New Start Ministries Church in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and the authored of three books. 
Seven years and three campaigns later now at 64 years of age, he remembered how he completed all the campaigns with nothing more than a 10/12 Speed Bicycle after sharing nearly all the proceeds with others along the campaign route. It is now that he feels the urgency to finish what he had sought after and see yet another Dream come to fruition. The erection of a Resource,  Research and Education Center, The City of Life Foundation;          resources for St. Jude’s Cancer Research Children’s Hospital and Scholarships for 100 or more deserving students.  “There’s more, we’re desiring to do for our seniors (Trailblazers) and those often forgotten; the Homeless, the Illiterate, those who are Physically Challenged and have the lack of Educational assistance” says Dr. Dre’.  As a trailblazer he understands those needing assistance, help and support of someone that knows their plight; which gives him more reason to take another monumental journey.  The foundation are also embracing other non-profits that are embracing this idea of senior support, influencing is the areas of health, wellness and physical fitness while at the same time bridging the gap between our trailblazers and our future leaders.  This message and more are embedded in his “State of the Human Race Address” that will be shared with the millions of TV viewers, radio listeners and social and website viewers.
BIKE4 H*I*P*E* a Trailblazer A Comin’ Campaign   DESIRES YOUR SPONSORSHIP
To support in this final 3,000 mile campaign we are asking you join in with us.   A Pre-Launch Fundraising Event is being planned prior to Dr. Dre’s exodus. Dr. Dre’ will be making appearances at some very notable places along the campaign route. The funds raised will not only support his foundation, but will also be given to assist hundreds of other non-profit organizations, students with scholarships and families along the way. We need your sponsorship/partnership, prayers and more to take the vision from a Dream to a Reality.   Traveling with him will be a film crew producing a day to day documentary, surreal, reality show entitled; STRAIGHT OUTTA THE ATL…WHERE IS DR. DRE’ NOW?  See website for more details.
We would like for you to entertain having Dr. Dre’ in your next issue and/or event. For further info please don’t hesitate to call or email us.
Thank You.
The Staff
Dr. Dre’ (Andre’ A. R. Willis)
CEO & President (The City of Life Foundation)


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Campaign Created by:
The City of Life Foundation Lilburn, GA Follow

$0 of $7,000,000

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