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Chris Seats Winston Salem, NC Follow

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   I have a lifetime of experience in the towing business. For years I have had a dream of starting my own company but in the last couple years I've began to realize that the company could be much more than just a towing company. I started to ponder all the people we meet on a day to day basis and began to think of how we could help these people beyond just what they need business wise. I want to create at least eight driving positions and it will be typical for those drivers to meet 5 - 10 new people each day. Many of those people will spend time in our trucks and will be a "captive audience" so to speak. What a great time and opportunity to share the Gospel! I've tried to get this idea out of my head but God will simply not let me. I think God is pushing me to start this business and I know that my family must follow His will. I obviously want this business to be profitable but I am not really interested in huge amounts of personal wealth. I wan't to put money back into the company and add as many trucks and employees as possible to have the most impact spreading the Gospel.

   I'm very interested in making this a family type business and I also want the community to know we are a Christian owned business. We are looking to have very modern trucks and professional drivers. Something the industry as a whole needs in a bad way but we intend to use that image not only as marketing, but to to get the community exposed to us until we are, at least, a local household word. We feel with our image, marketing, and just the general nature of our business, we can really spread the Gospel at what we know is a critical time for people to hear it.

   The equipment and property we need is obviously very expensive. The amount we are asking for will secure a property lease and make a down payment on a truck lease. We have a couple businesses who have made verbal commitments to use our services and we think that will give us enough momentum to began hiring more drivers and adding more trucks. Our goal is to hire eight drivers in the first two years and add as many trucks during that time as well.

   I hope you will consider donating to our fundraiser. We have spent many hours praying about this business and we know we can make a difference by spreading the Gospel and I know lives will be changed by this ministry. I have tried crowdfunding on other secular sites but the mere mention of a Christian business is enough for people to reject my campaign. I'm glad I found this site and I hope by advertising here, we can get the funds to get us started. My family and I say we want to be the Chickfila of the towing business and we know with God, that is very possible! I welcome any and all questions, local investors, and we would consider local Christian partners in this venture as well. Thanks again, God Bless!


2015-05-26 16:59:16

PRaying you touch a lot of people in your community with the love of God

Lydia O'Leary

2015-05-26 16:52:01

We don't have much but we are praying for your business to succeed so that many more will know the Love of Jesus!

Update #1
July 4, 2015, 9:44 pm

Thanks again for the couple of donations we received. Crowdfunding has not worked well for us. I think the majority of the world says no when they read we are a Christian company. But this is okay because the Lord still works in other unexpected ways. We we're recently approached by a local investor who believes in our company and it's potential to be a ministry. He is going to try to help us get our company up and running. I have to think those couple of folks who gave to us on here and I want you to know that your donations really mean the world to us and you'll share in the rewards for every Soul we reach in our attempt to make a difference, Thank You so much! We hope our campaign will have a bit more success before it ends, but I hope this shows that prayer works, never give up, and let God work in his way, and in His time! :-)

Update #2
June 3, 2015, 8:29 pm

Things are not going so well with my campaign but I am still hopeful and I am still praying for this to be a success! I have two customers who have commited to using our services when we get up and running. I'm not ready to give up as I believe God is still in this. Thanks again to the couple of folks who donated and I hope everyone will keep praying for us! Thanks!

Update #3
May 26, 2015, 4:09 pm  * Help a #business get off the ground! #donate #invest #gospel #christian #mission #payitforward #jesusiscomingsoon

Update #4
May 26, 2015, 4:07 pm  * Help a #business get off the ground! #donate #invest #gospel #christian #mission #payitforward #jesusiscomingsoon  - This is the ad I'm using on twitter. I figured many people would reject it because of the biblical hashtags but so far it seems to be getting favorited quite a bit!       

Update #5
May 26, 2015, 3:38 pm

Thank you all for the prayers as well! Our business will never grow without them!!!

Update #6
May 26, 2015, 3:28 pm

Thank you so much for these first donations! It's an amazing feeling to know people believe in our project!!

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Chris Seats Winston Salem, NC Follow

$55 of $150,000

0 % Complete 2 donation(s)

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Anonymous Donor

1573 day(s) ago

PRaying you touch a lot of people in your community with the love of God


Lydia O'Leary

1574 day(s) ago

We don't have much but we are praying for your business to succeed so that many more will know the Love of Jesus!

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