"They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need." Acts 2:45

Sometimes we forget that one of the main missions of the church is to surround those who have a need and give from our own storehouses. In Acts the church was even selling their property and possessions so that everyone was taken care of.
   In our midst we have a family. They have been faithful in pursuing the call that God has placed on them. But the finanical price of that call has been steep. Years of schooling and research have added up financially and now the loans have come time to be paid. At the same time they have been given the joyous news that there is a new baby, a third child on the way. Bronson has finally finished his dissertation with raving reviews only to be met with a field that is so specific and nearly impossible to find a job in. He has been applying for a year now to positions all over the world and has been met with discouragement in the lack of response or openings available.
   Then as the saying goes, when it rains it pours. Their only car has been acting up and they have had to spend roughly $2500 since January in repairs. The rent on their apartment was raised $200 per month the end of last summer which eliminated them being able to save anything from their paychecks. They have lived for a very long time now on a very tight budget but no amount of budgeting could have covered for the extra expenses they are facing. It is pretty certain that they will have to move come August unless the Lord miraculously turns up a wonderful job for Bronson. This couple faithfully travels 45 minutes to an hour every week to and from our church meeting. Although we, as a church gathering, are small we have something to offer. And we are calling on the larger body of Christ to give as you might be able to help and encourage this wonderful family. Thank you brothers and sisters!