My Fiancé and I were arrested for Jan. 6th and the events at the Capitol. We were arrested over 2.5 years ago for non-violent charges. Our case drug out for the duration of that time and we were sentenced in Aug of this year. Over that period of time our business was destroyed by the mainstream media, and people that left reviews accusing us of being traitors and domestic terrorists. We were told to refrain from speaking on our case for the entire 2.5 years so we couldn’t ask for financial help, share our side of the story, or even simply defend ourselves from the many attacks, threats, and hate mail we received via phone calls, mail, social media and our business review page. Over these 2.5 years we unfortunately accumulated tons of credit card debt, loan debt and at times simply couldn’t pay our bills. All due to our business being destroyed by people that chose to judge us before our day in court based on the media doxing us and reporting that we were part of a “deadly insurrection.” Please remember we were non-violent. We were sentenced this past Aug. I received 4 months house arrest and 2 year’s probation, and my Fiancé received 30 days in federal prison and 1 year probation. We also received fines and court costs. Obviously this only furthers the damage to our finances and as much as we tried to refrain from doing so, we must ask for help. We are on the verge of losing possession’s (home, car, etc) as well as being sued by credit companies and it won’t be long before the IRS takes action against us. We are ashamed for asking as we have always handled our own but with these problems stacking up, we have no choice. We have every intention on getting our business back up and running in the future but for now we are obligated to our sentences. The probation will not permit us to work as self employed for the time being. We are a family of three. My Fiancé, our 9 year old daughter and myself. We have a blessed family. These funds will go towards helping us pay our bills, debts, and taxes that we have accumulated since we were arrested and lost our business. That in turn will award us with some much needed relief that we have not been able to have for the past 3 years. Anything will help and we truly appreciate anything given as well as prayers. God bless you and yours and God bless our country in this time of need. Thank you 🙏🏼