I have great difficulty finding a place to live after my lease expires. Dozens of applications were denied and I was worried that my kids and I would have to live in a hotel. I  applied to these last 2 places and finally got a positive response that I needed to pay something from my credit report in order for the app to go through. I need some assistance with getting this  place for me and my kids. I need help with deposit, fees, and 1st month rent. I would appreciate your help. Once I move I plan to get out of debt since my debt and manage my money better and live more wisely being content with what I have. I have excellent rental history no criminal history, it's just my credit score was low. I kept applying despite the no's and could not give up, I asked to be given a chance and I was glad those last 2 places showed mercy. I know this may be an unusual request but I hope you understand that we sometimes need a boost to get started or like a vehicle stalled, the battery just needs a jump to get moving. I know things will only get better from here. I appreciate the time and attention you showed to this.