I thank all of you so very much for your generosity. This campaign started out to raise 25k, and we are almost at 250k!  Astounding, miraculous, a blessing to the Kelly family beyond belief.   Donations are understandably slowing down, so I am going to set the new, and last, goal to reach that $250,000.00 mark.  Once the campaign ends, I will post updates on Mr. Kelly's situation if I am able to leave this up, but will no longer be collecting donations.

I will never forget your generosity for the rest of my days. May God bless each and every one of you, from the smallest donor to the largest.  And thank you all for the prayers that you offered up for Mr. Kelly.  I am praying a prayer of thanksgiving for you all each day.

Shannon Pritchard

George Alan Kelly, a 73 year old farmer is in the Santa Cruz, Arizona, jail pending a $1 million bond for killing an invader to the United States, who was near his home on the border with Mexico.  Neighbors say that he had been having difficulty keeping invaders out and say that Mr. Kelly would have acted in good faith.

It is a tragedy that a simple farmer, who should be protected by the government has been abandoned and had to defend himself.  That is bad enough, but the government that caused this, now wishes to persecute him.  Not only that, they are holding this old farmer on 1 million dollar bail, which anyone can see is purely political.  This will ruin the remaining years of this gentleman's life, through no fault of his own.   Are you as outraged as I am?  This man should not have to spend a night in jail.

All of you have been so generous that I have raised the goal.  Your generosity has been beyond my wildest dreams, thank you so much and may God bless each and every one of you.

Praise God almighty!  This is growing so fast, that I am raising it again.  WE are going to raise enough to really help this gentleman.  May God bless you all!

This is amazing, when I started this campaign I set a goal of 25k and thought it would be hard to reach. But the injustice shown to Mr. Kelly has moved many hundreds of Christian Patriots to rally to his defense.   The communists in charge of Santa Cruz will not let Mr. Kelly even talk to his wife according to the news reports.  So he does not yet know of your support and generosity.  Pray that we can let him know soon, so that he will at least have some relief from the terrible strain that has been put upon him.  I am not just financially speaking; I am sure if he could see the outpouring of support from all of you American Patriots it would bring joy to his heart.  He will soon learn of it but the sooner the better.  I am told that there are Patriots bringing it to President Trump's attention, hopefully President Trump will stand up for him and the American people against this outrage.

May a just God bless you all. 

This just in, woke Newsweek cancelled this post:

"Woke gofundme denied Mr. Kellys fundraiser but you can help here:https://www.givesendgo.com/G9T79"

Update 2/10

I spoke with Mrs. Kelly today and she told me that Mr. Kelly is holding up well. She has not been able to see him, but has spoken with him.  He has a hearing for bail reduction next Wednesday.  I will post updates as I get them. 

Thank you all for your generosity to the Kelly family,  Mrs. Kelly is so very thankful to you all.