I started this campaign for the humble reason to get som supporters for my patreon page called votan= heart

my patreon page wants to bring awareness and understanding of the mental world that we have created.

I will create my music and what not and share of my knowledge that expresses the truest form of art coming from my imagination inspired from times immemorial.

My experience in world affairs give me the opportunity to find and research news, needed to understand and connect the dots. And sometimes also write my own insights.

So i will be sharing some world news.

Join me on this journey and everything will be accomplished.

Who Am I ?

A 42 year old male from Norway.Oslo

Lived without permanent job since 2008/2010 i sold my apartment and moved home.

i do not live or indulge in luxury.

I live and take care of my elder parents and they take care of me.

I have experience in health care, nutrition, concrete worker, spiritual/consciousness matters.

Your support will make all the difference in the world.