Christians  Against Poverty are an organisation based in Bradford U.K  that assist those individuals in the community who are in financial crisis to become debt free by intervention and liaison with their creditors to achieve manageable monthly repayments that can see a person relieved of the stress and worry of overwhelming debt. Many people in that situation suffer from feelings of  anxiety , depression and suicidal thoughts. CAP seeks to remove this worry for clients by making the debt manageable and achievable so they can continue life with some degree of certainty for their future. 

At present there is no CAP debt centre in the city of Stoke on trent and so this service is not available to those in crisis in the City or outlying areas .

My purpose in obtaining funding of £8000.00 is to open a Debt Centre in Stoke on trent  based at a local Church to enable this community work to start to impact the local community at this time of financial worry for many .

The funding at £300.00 per month is to enable the debt Centre in Stoke to use the services provided by CAP to refer 2 people each month from the stoke area to the CAP debt team in Bradford. This is the  monthly fee payable to CAP for this service. 

£8000.00 is the cost of commitment to that service  for 2 years  ( £7200.00) and the one off costs of a laptop and mobile phone ( £800.00) .

Staff to run the centre will be trained free of charge by CAP Bradford and will be volunteers recruited by the Debt centre manager .

At present there is one volunteer (me) to act as centre Manager for 2 days per week but more volunteer befrienders will be recruited once funding and courses are in place.

Premises will not be required at present as the service takes place in clients homes . This may be a consideration for future funding as time progresses as will the potential for increasing the number of referees from 2 to 4 , or 6 and so on according to the funding obtained from the campaign and the demand from the community for this service.

Your donation will change the lives of people who receive this service across the Stoke on Trent area. You will help to make a real difference in the lives of those who can no longer cope with their financial burden often through no fault of their own, where circumstances have led them to a real low point and there seems no hope for their future . You will be showing God's love for them through your donation and that love will be expressed by the entire team through every contact with that individual. You will by your donation be expressing the brotherly and sisterly love for that person.