As many of you have heard, Daniel passed away suddenly in a terrible accident on January 28th, 2023. Stephanie is doing her best to hold it all together, with this unexpected task before her and the kids. As a 46 year old, neither Daniel or Steph, have any planning for their final days. As they plan to lay Daniel to rest; Stephanie, Jackson, and Grace will have many long days in front of them.  We, as a family, are coming together to ask the community to help provide a safe hold to provide stability for Stephanie, Jackson, and Gracie as Daniel would has always done and would truly want for his wife and children. 

We are hoping with donations from our family, friends, and community; these funds will help keep her home and assist with all the expenses that quickly accrue over the next few weeks and months and give her the much needed time with her kids to start this long, hard journey of healing. 

We understand if you aren't able to assist financially and are beyond grateful for your prayers and ask to please keep sending them. 

If you are uncomfortable in online giving, Citizens Banks has an account that has been opened for local donations. 

Again, thank you for the out pouring of love and support to the Holley family. The support means the world to our family and hers.