Mercy & Grace in Hard Times: A Place for Refuge 

With rents rising and prices for food going sky high, many people are being priced out of basic living needs. The current events worldwide show that there is no relief coming from our leaders and it is up to us as individuals to help one another. We have heard of so many of God's people who have lost their homes due to recent events with certain laws that caused them to lose their jobs and many other major events and etc. Some are just having a hard time due to the cost of living increases and need help with basic needs.The traditional housing route is also out of reach for many hardworking and faithful individuals and families.

By the grace and mercy of the Creator God, we purchased 40 acres and own it free and clear and are building tiny homes on it. We are off grid, in an off grid friendly area that allows tiny homes, rainwater harvesting and homesteading. We were instructed by God to build for his people and to share the land with those who have been asking him for his help and cannot afford to go it alone or take care in these troubling times. We are only 2 individuals trying to do the best with what little we have to help, but "one with God, is the majority" and he has richly blessed us to get a lot done in a short time! 

Right now, we are trying to raise money for a water tank so that we can supply water to our "community house". We need approximately $2500.00-$3000USD to buy the tank and have it delivered to the property. We can also have the tank filled with fresh, potable water by delivery, so we are saving our own funds for that too. We have put in so much of our own funds already to purchase and stock up on other things needed. We are in the process of building a "common house" where there will be a place to sit and rest and to cook and eat a meal. So much work to do and limited funds and we have never done crowdfunding before, however with worldwide events escalating, we are in a time crunch to get things done so people can come.

We want to eventually teach free classes on building tiny homes, gardening skills and other valuable life skills. As we are able, we hope to allow a limited group of people to have permanent residency on the land. The land belongs to the Most High  and his charge to us for it was to forsake the world, our sins and to follow Jesus and do as he taught and His Holy Spirit leads us to do.  We wholeheartedly believe in all the laws, statues and commandments of The Most High and endeavor to follow them because we understand that they are wise council and heavenly guardrails that keep us on the path of righteousness and out of trouble.

We are all commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves and to show mercy and grace to others.We hope you will help us with a donation, even if just a $1.00, and we thank you very much and ask the Lord On High to return your gift to you according to His faithful word.

Luke 6:38 "Give and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete, withal it shall be measured unto you again".