I am starting this fundraiser to get a mortgage, possibly put a lawyer on retainer. And maybe a few odds and ends I didn’t mention.

The sad part is I didn’t allegedly beat my ex, I didn’t wave guns in peoples faces and make threats against them, nor have I worked with CSIS and the Police. I also have not been debanked. 

But I have seen someone who has done all the above get thousands in different fundraisers, the newest one is to pay off a mortgage on a house he already has, I figured since I didn’t have a house and he could get thousands people would also feel sympathetic and give me money.

This is also my first grift, I have not done it before so I don’t know all the ins and outs of how it works, I just assume it’s something like this. 

Please donate! Ask all your friends to donate, if I reach my goal of $150,000 I will make a video on social media joking about raping women, it’s really something everyone wants to see, honestly! And if it looks bad to others you can just make excuses to them defending me and the video by saying it was “just a joke” to make yourself feel better. 

I will also give up fighting for rights of my fellow Canadians and begin sitting on my bum screaming in a weird looking microphone for people to do it for me, but they have to keep me updated on what is going on so I can reach my goal quicker by providing the information I obtained to the police and CSIS throwing you and your friends under the bus for a little extra cash. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in please donate, any amount helps in my goal to get a mortgage. I will even avoid Scotiabank if this gets $1000.00 in the first day of posting. 

Any extra donations will go towards buying a goat.