China Trench Cover manufacturers Product Description Drainage trench cover is also called trench drain cover, drainage well cover, drain well cover. It is made of steel grating by pressure welding, which has simple construction and installation, light weight, good bearing capacity, strong impact resistance, and excellent drainage. The surface of the product is beautifully used after hot-dip galvanizing, and it is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. Product Details Product NameDrainage Trench Cover MaterialCarbon steel, stainless steel Crossbar Spacing100mm (center spacing), 50mm (center distance) Crossbar Size6脳6 or 5脳5 (twisted square steel), 蠁5mm round steel(stainless steel) Flat Steel SizeCommonly used 20脳3mm to 75脳6mm and other specifications Flat Steel Spacing30mm, 40mm, 60mm (center spacing) Flat Steel TypePlain type or serrated type Surface TreatmentHot dip galvanized or no surface treatment Different Types of Drainage Trench Cover Anti-theft Rain Drainage Trench Cover This type of trench cover steel grating is often used in unattended outdoor areas, and is common in highways, parks, and docks. The angle steel frame pads are added around, and the steel grille and the angle steel frame are fixed by hinges, etc., and can be turned freely. The angle steel frame is generally buried in cement with embedded parts, and non-professional thieves generally cannot move it. U-shaped Drainage Trench Cover For convenient and quick installation, combined with different construction requirements, the cladding of ordinary steel grating adopts angle steel. One side of the angle steel is welded to the steel grating, and the other side is used as a supporting edge to hit the groove edge. The drainage trench cover is easy to install, and the side of the ditch does not need to be grooved. It is easy to open and clean. Ordinary Drainage Trench Cover This type of trench cover requires a trench to be reserved at the beginning of the planning. This type of trench cover is easy to make and affordable. This type of drainage trench cover is widely used in various industrial and civil buildings such as urban roads, squares, gardens, docks, airports, parking lots, highways, railways, and industrial projects. Rain Trench Cover It is a simple and economical drainage trench cover. Can be installed on grooves and drains to form a cover. This kind of cover can not only ensure good drainage performance, but also allow vehicles to pass through. The galvanized corner frame provides large openings and provides a strong base for the grille. It can bear the load of the steel grid and improve the carrying capacity of the grid. Production Process Application Scenarios Drainage trench cover is mainly used as industrial platforms, boiler platforms, environmental protection equipment, ladder pedals, handrails, passage floors, railway bridge sideways, high-altitude tower platforms, drainage ditch covers, manhole covers, road barriers, three-dimensional parking lots, institutions, schools, factories , Enterprises, sports fields, can also be used as exterior windows of houses, balcony guardrails, highways, railway guardrails, etc.China Trench Cover manufacturers website: