Cassandra Handzo is a recent graduate of Utah State University in Logan, Utah.  She is currently searching for a job in research and development of textiles for outdoor equipment and clothing.

On December 17th at about 4am, our daughter Cassie woke up to the smell of smoke and saw fire.  Cassie only had seconds to grab her phone and shoes. On her way out of the building she contacted 911 and banged on all the tenant doors as none of the smoke alarms went off.  Luckily, everyone got out safely and nobody was harmed.

Everything Cassie owned, except for one of Grandma’s afghans and a pair of boots was lost in the fire.

We have witnessed that it does indeed take a village to get through a trauma.  From the friend that got her out of the cold that day, the uncle that drove 2 hours to bring her back to his home, the friend that bought her a coat, even the bank lady that  talked to Cassie on the phone for 30 minutes about suffering such a loss…people have been very kind.  

We thank God every day that our girl is safe and unharmed, no question. It is overwhelming when you start thinking about the enormity of her loss and what it is going to take to get back to “normal”.

With humble hearts, we are reaching out for support for our daughter as she deals with this huge loss and bravely starts to rebuild.  We are extremely grateful for any donation you might be able give.

Thank you so much for your consideration and God bless!