(This fundraiser has been set up by friends of the Kyssa family. The mother and sole provider is a dear and proud friend, not generally the kind of person to ask for assistance. We would like to ease her burdens so she can focus on her son's treatment and care.)

On behalf of Ilse Kyssa:

I am a 95 year old grandmother and great grandmother desperately asking for help for my grandson. A short background of myself: I am a widow living very modestly in a bachelor apartment with no computer or TV and only a radio for news. I lived through the war in Europe, immigrated to Canada in 1951 as a DP (displaced person), had four children and have always worked and helped take care of others. I was well know in the community and received numerous city awards for helping children and for my contribution towards helping the environment.

My 27 year old grandson is a very intelligent, sensitive and caring person. He excelled in music in high school and always worked towards his goal to attend university. He was well liked by his employers and co-workers. Four years ago he volunteered to work on an island in Indonesia for a few months and travelled through Southeast Asia on his own. However, after a traumatic experience three years ago, he was unable to function normally and was put on various medications. He has been unable to work since and has become despondent and feeling desperate at times. Trauma and dysfunctional breakups in families can often cause psychiatric problems later. He has since moved in with his mother (my daughter, also known for her service in the community) and caregiver who is at the end of her rope worrying about his condition and from trying to make ends meet. My grandson's condition is deteriorating and he needs urgent help now before it's too late as he feels worthless, completely isolated, ashamed and just wants to be able to work and feel normal again.

I lost a 35 year old son (who was a registered massage therapist) tragically to suicide in 2000 despite him being on prescription drugs which only made his problems worse. My daughter, family and friends have done extensive research for a suitable holistic mental wellness treatment centre with medical professionals and we have finally found one. He is not addicted to drugs or alcohol so an addiction centre wouldn't be appropriate. We are trying to come up with the money, including borrowing from the bank but it's not enough for the sizeable amount asked.

I humbly ask for your help to save a young, promising life. Should the plan with the treatment centre not materialize your donation would of course be refunded.

Thank you and may you and your loved ones be blessed with good health.