My name is Terion & my son’s name is Chandler. I have lost everything in a house fire. I am a 30 year old single mother and my son is 4 years old. I am blessed to have not lost my life and my son. But I lost everything else. We have no clothes, food, shoes or anything that we essentially need. On top of that, we are homeless in a state where we have no family and very few friends. I reached out to Red Cross and they were only able to provide me and my son with $201 that I was very thankful for. All I have is a car and my son has none of the things he needs. Most shelters are full and the ones that aren’t here we have to stand in a line to check in and we haven’t been able to get a spot yet. I am starting to worry and stress and I’m trying to stay strong for my son because that’s what he is used to me being. I am all he has and my little man is all I have. I wish to use the proceeds for a new place, furniture, clothes and food. I also have to obtain new birth certificates, a drivers license and new eyeglasses and social security cards. I lost my wallet in the fire as well. I am living off hope and a prayer right now. My goal is 10,000 but I promise anything we get is helpful.