Thursday night my son Garret was traveling to Kansas from Colorado to be with his mother for Christmas and it was also his birthday that night. Most of you know there were blizzards in that area. There was a semi parked off the side of the road and the truck had no reflectors out to warn people. My son didn't see it and crashed into it totaling his truck, killing his dog and injuring himself severely. Garret broke both arms, knees and was almost crushed by the dash and steering wheel causing his organs to be displaced and he broke 8 ribs. He also has injuries to his neck and back. Because of God's mercy and grace, the first person on scene was an off duty EMT who drove up immediately after the accident. (An angel put in the right place at the right time.)

Garret was trapped for more than an hour and a half in 5 degree weather. 

When he was rescued, he was medivacked to Wichita Kansas. Everyone said he was lucky to be alive and actually shouldn't be. 

Garret has had two surgeries. One to put plates in his arm and another to move his organs back in the right place. He is in a lot of excruciating pain but will recover with 8 weeks of rehab and 6 months to function at 100 percent. 

I am trusting the Lord every step of the way and I so appreciate all your prayers and love.  Garret has a house payment as well as many other bills to pay during his recovery. Medical bills will be added to that now. If you can give, anything will help.  We aren't sure what the total cost will be.  If you cannot, as we have just finished with Christmas, your prayers will be enough. To all, I thank you! And, my love to you in return for anything you offer.