The Hurricanes almost wiped the farm completely. Mike and I have put all of our savings, blood, sweat and tears into this farm since 2020 and Covid hit.  

We were close to being able to go to market this year.  We lost all of our rabbits, most of our chickens, half of our ducks and turkeys and a few goats as well as shelters for the animals, the feed due to the flooding. None of this is covered by FEMA as it is a business and not personal property.  Total estimated losses were around $90,000 US Dollard.

we are not letting this beat us down. We will rebuild but are asking for a little help until our SBA loan gets approved.  

Some of our direct sales were going to the special dietary groups like the Jewish and Muslim communities. We were and still are organic and free range as well as having an 80% green footprint.  For the vegetarians we were starting our Blue Fin Tilapia farming as well this year but have to postpone that now.  We also donate excess eggs to the homeless and churches but that has come to a screeching halt. 

Please help us help others.

Thank You