Hi, my name is Kathy and I am fundraising for the family friend of one of my students. His father, Luis Marin is trying to help his close friend escape the dire conditions in Venezuela. A legal immigrant himself, he was able to overcome great odds coming to our country and even come up with enough money to get a passport and plane ticket for his friend. Mr. Nunez is hoping to get to Spain and try to make enough money to get his family out. It broke my heart to hear that he would have to leave his family behind in a country facing a severe humanitarian emergency. They are unable to access basic healthcare and adequate food. They are assigned two days a week in which they have to get up in the middle of the night to stand in line for beans and rice. They have limited access to safe water and power outages are common. As things continue to worsen, and leaving is becoming more restricted, we are hoping to get them out as soon as possible. Please help by donating what you have in your heart to give.