My name is Jeffery Hancock I am 38 years best friend/love of my live/mother of my son passed away last week due to a tragic car accident in which my 5 year old boy Ollie Pop is what we call him..he was in the car with her while I was at work..and believe me when I tell it's truly a miracle that he made it through all of it alive let alone besides a few minor bumps unscathed... well physically ne way's...was already turning a page in my Life trying to get us three stable then this happens.. I'm doing my best to stay strong for my boy but we need help and I'm not one to ask at all normally..but it's not about me it's about my boy and I'll do anything to make sure he is good and with his daddy. Basically need help to get a place for us and some stuff to put in it.. I do have a job I started recently but I just don't have the ability to come up with them kinda funds all at once.anything at all would be a blessing no doubt.. myself and my boy Oliver greatly appreciate any and all help