Humberto is an honorable small business owner/builder who believed he had contracted to build a house for a couple of retired, elderly Americans living in Ecuador. He believed the arrangement was that both he and they would each put in half the money to build the house on land he owned, he would build it, they would live in it rent free until they died, and then the house would be his free and clear to rent to help him have money for retirement. I don't know what they believed but when it came to putting in their half of the money, they refused and accused him of trying to cheat them. This left Humberto owing on his loan at 22% interest (low for Ecuador) and an unfinished house that he can't rent to gain the money to pay his loan. Through borrowing from friends, doing much of the work himself, and he and his family stressing over the situation, he has managed to continue somewhat. Now, he needs to put in the windows, something he cannot do himself. This fund raiser is to help him raise the money to purchase the windows and have them installed. The situation is straining a fine family past its ability to cope. Any donation is helpful and will be greatly appreciated.