“Why We Die?”

  Help us bring this 5 topic documentary series in to the light. Help us remove the stigmas and taboos by offering HOPE and SAVING LIVES!


  ‘Suicide’ and ‘Suicide Ideation’ are increasing across the globe – affecting every human living on it!


“We do not sensationalize suicide or death!”

“We break open the aspect of HOPE by in-depth understanding what drives an individual or group to take their self-harm to the irrevocable step.”


The Series:

“Why We Die?” – is our 5 topic documentary series on ‘Suicidality’ and ‘Suicide Ideation’ that concentrates on LIFE and offers HOPE - rather than suicide and death.

“Why We Die?” Opens understanding and empathy of ‘who is affected’ by the one that decides to ‘take that irrevocable step to a critical situation’.

The 5 initial topics:

1. First Responders (Police/Paramedics/Fire Dept. etc.)

2. Farmers (The ever-increasing number and why)

3. Spectrum Sufferers (those that have psychological afflictions – but also those that DO NOT!)

4. Psychological Understandings (from the Counsellor/psychologist/psychiatrist/psychotherapist point of view and the trauma they deal with and the expertise applied)

5. Spiritual Aspects & Understanding (we break open the spiritual aspect of demonic influences, bloodlines, covenants, geographic locations, etc. etc. etc.)

6.Note: Obviously, there will be a profusion of sub-topics initiated by the above, and those covered when the time arises.


Our website & blog: www.whywedie.co.nz


Our hearts to yours: My wife and I are both counsellors/therapists, and our hearts and minds are committed to offering HOPE and reversing the decision made by so many who have none!


NOTE – “We break open the aspect of HOPE by in-depth understanding what drives/gets an individual or group to take their self-harm to the ultimate step. We do not talk about suicide or death!”


Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we HOPE for and assurance about what we do not see. (NIV)

Throughout scripture, the original meaning of ‘Vision’ represents HOPE, and without HOPE, or a vision, we cannot apply our faith!


HOPE comes before faith: We deal with so many believers who still have no HOPE, and with your funding support, we can do the travelling, the interviews, the heart wrenching exposure of this scourge annihilating our fellow human beings.


“Where there is no vision (HOPE), the people perish”


We need HOPE (a vision), of something to latch on to - and THEN faith can come forth and get us there! Without HOPE, we have nothing to latch on to – and this series digs deep into the aspects of self-harm that is refuted and ignored – yet needs exposure so that the stigma & taboo can be illuminated – and HOPE can take its place?


Habakkuk 2:2 And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision (HOPE); make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”


“Everyone needs a chance to cling to HOPE – we offer that by the focus of the series moving away from death and despair.”

“Every year, more people die because of suicide than Covid, HIV, Malaria, Breast Cancer, Ebola, or war and homicides.”

(Some states in the USA are reporting up to 62% increase in self-harm cases!)


At the outset: “We do not sensationalize suicide or the ultimate step one takes when there is NO HOPE LEFT – and will not be dealing with the finality of death by suicide! (G Grant.)


Who are we you ask?

  Our hearts and minds are committed to offering HOPE and reversing the decision made by so many who have none! As therapists, we strive to connect with our hurting in a way that removes the urge to self-harm, the loathing, the emptiness, the hopelessness - and replaces it with the cognitive understanding of the glimmer of HOPE… that when it catches alight, it turns into a furnace – and a life is saved!

  Sue is a lecturer at University in the Psychotherapy, Masters Programme, where she lectures and trains future Psychotherapists in Suicidality and Ideation and she has her own counselling practice.

  Glenn owns Silfern Film Studios in New Zealand, and Flyspeck Film Studios in South Africa. He has lived in 5 countries, planted and pastored 4 churches globally, is an author, director, filmmaker, scriptwriter and producer, who has stepped away from counselling and writing to focus on this documentary series. (Glenn’s testimony: I am a non-spectrum teenage suicide survivor - explained in our blog - and it is a passion of mine to break open the stigma/taboo surrounding the subject.) We are losing too many of our people daily?


Why crowdfunding?

  With your funding, we can make the entire series available to churches, counselling practices, schools and individuals. Government and other financial sectors do not want to be linked to the subject and therefore limiting avenues for funding. Also, when we fund it with your support, we can be truthful and have no restrictions on our faith or goals!



  Anyone is welcome to review our budget, expenditures, and funding by simply sending us an email. We will not list any names or organisations!


Wall of honour

  Anyone blessing us with an offering over $2000 will have name recognition on the ‘wall of honour’ on our website and their names included in the end title credits.


When will “Why We Die?” be completed?

  We have set ourselves a realistic goal of 4-5 months, notwithstanding the extra issues and topics that WILL come up as we travel extensively and interview many.


How can you support us?

Firstly – with lots and lots of prayer (Matthew 18:18+19).

Secondly – by helping us reach our financial commitment to making this a reality.


Will “Why We Die?” be syndicated on other platforms?

  We will submit each topic in edited segments to all platforms of mainstream media that will carry it, along with our site, social media, and dedicated channels of our own. Whilst linking to others. When done, we encourage you all to pass it on to your family, friends and anyone you know who would benefit from it!


UPDATES – We will update our website (www.whywedie.co.nz) daily, and to all who submit their email address on our registration page.