Kaitlin is a young 26 year old woman whom had fallen on hard times! Starting at her younger years Kaitlin had grown up watching her identical twin sister battle the same cancer that later in life she would battle too. Over the last few years Kaitlin has had to make some major adjustments to her every day life with her family to battle Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer. Her living expenses are just becoming combat able. Kaitlin is trying to adjust to a new normal since finishing chemotherapy treatments and is trying everything she can to afford medical expenses along side rent and bills. She has had to make many sacrifices for so many people around her and could really use our help in this hard time. Kaitlin is currently facing eviction while attempting to get back on track after a long year of chemotherapy and treatment regimens. Kaitlin would have given the clothes on her back to help someone in need and could really use some help now.