Fur and Tails Animal Rescue is desperately in need of repairs to the primary foster farm facility from the damage sustained during Hurricane Ian and residual damages from Hurricane Irma in (2017) There is water damage to the first floor, wind damage to roofs and animal containment fences are falling making them not animal secure. The barn is also damaged. In 2017, We were forced to make temporary repairs for the safety of the animals. Sadly, those temporary repairs were still in use and now with the extensive damage from Hurricane Ian we are concerned for the welfare of the animals in our care and ultimately the future of our rescue. We’d love to make the necessary repairs as well as use this an an opportunity to improve and expand our animal care areas. All of our funding and donations are put towards animal care with very little left for facility and infrastructure repairs/ improvements. 

We are very much in need of funding and donations in support of our mission. We receive very little in corporate and public grants, amounting to less than $2000.00. Our primary focus is pets that are homeless, injured or high risk pregnancies. We adopt as many pets as we can. However, we also operate a rescue Foster Farm Sanctuary where animals who are deemed unadoptable, due to illness, injury or personality where these animals live the best life possible in as close to a home life situation that we can facilitate.

Fur and Tails Animal Rescue functions with no paid employees, therefore all animal care and other roles are filled with volunteers.  We are a 501(c) 3 charity, and donations may be tax deductible.