Hello everyone ! My name is Emily Bonk and I am a sophomore at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. To tell you a little about myself, I am twenty years old, I am a biochemistry major with a pre med emphasis and I am minoring in Disaster and Healthcare Missions Management, and I am on a mission.

I am raising money to participate in the "Atlantis Immersion Fellowship". This internship is for students in college who are interested in the medical field, specifically working towards becoming a doctor. During this fellowship, students from all of the United States, meet in a selected city (for me that is Genoa, Italy in May 2023) where we partner with local hospitals, doctors, and surgeons to experience what life as a Doctor looks like in a hospital setting. 

When I was eleven years old, I was going through a very tough time in my life and I can remember one night I cried out to God, "If you are even real, you better show up." Immediately I felt the Lord speak to me and say, "I am calling you to the Nations." My freshman year in high school, I started exploring more of what God meant by that. I knew that God was calling me to do international missions but I did not know in what way. That year I joined a medical program at my High School and quickly fell in love with the medical field. I knew this was not a coincidence and once again I began asking God, to show me what this means and how does this relate to missions? I did not receive an answer right away, but from my freshman year until my junior year of high school I learned what my calling is. I began to have a passion for surgery. Soon after that, I developed an undeniable love for pediatrics. I was ready for this calling that I know the Lord placed over my life. I was aware of this calling being a massive responsibility but something in me knew that God wasn't  done with what he called me into.

I pleaded with God because because I was able to recognize that this calling was intimate, special, and not to be taken carelessly, but yet, I didn't understand why God chose me to do this task. I prayed and prayed, and yes... I prayed and finally I received my why. I received the missing piece to this puzzle. I felt the Lord call me to specifically specialize in cardiothoracics'. I wrestled with this because I knew that operating on what I like to call, little baby hearts is one of the most difficult jobs a person can have. I heard God speak so clearly to me, it was like he was right in front of me, "I am asking you to be faithful to me. I am asking you to fulfill your call of being a pediatric heart surgeon because before you ever operate on any heart, I need you to plant a seed into children and their families lives. Before you ever take care of anyones heart physically, you first have to take care of them spiritually."

The call of how I will participate in missions was answered on that day. God has called me into missions, he is just doing it through medicine. So here I am three years into college pursuing a pre-med degree and a minor in disaster and healthcare MISSIONS management because I have simply said yes. I have said, here I am lord, send me. (Isaiah 6:8)

As I have said yes to the call of being sent to the Nations through medicine it comes with great tasks. One of those is being a pre-med student, passing the MCAT with incredible scores, high GPA's but another large part of being admitted into medical school is Medical Exposure. This includes, volunteering, shadowing, and certifications. The Atlantis Immersion Fellowship offers pre-med students to shadow doctors and surgeons with a 1:1 student-doctor ratio and learn what the life of a doctor looks like, the process of pre-operation and post-operation, what to expect during surgery, how surgeries are performed, the level of professionalism that is required and many other things.

I am asking you to partner with the Kingdom of God and first and foremost, pray. Pray for me, for the team, for safety, for the doctors, and patients that I will be on this experience with. Second, I am asking for donations to help me further the Kingdom of God. I will be able to learn different surgeries, walk away with a certificate of completion of the Atlantis Immersion Fellowship program, and a certificate from Harvard University for participating in a Healthcare class online. This is simply me asking, will you partner with the Kingdom of God so that I will be educated, experienced, and prepared for what is to come. Thank you for your time and God Bless !

-Emily Bonk