This account is to help raise funds for legal defense. 

My name is Daniel Phipps, I'm a Christian and Constitutional Conservative and I'm a father to my awesome 14 year old son. I am a certified mechanic by trade, but I've also worked in private security. 

I need help raising $50,000 for attorney fees relating to my January 6th defense. 

In short: I went to DC to see President Trump speak. I had no intentions of going into the Capitol building that day.

When I saw people going in, I went in to make sure nothing got damaged. I was allowed in by a police officer. 

I stayed in the hallways not entering any offices or either of the chamber floors.

I left when a police officer said it was time to leave.

After watching anti-fa and BLM riot and cause so much damage to DC, I simply didn't trust the police in DC to prevent property damage inside the Capitol. But I didn't see anyone damage anything inside. 

I know the economy is bad for everyone, but any help is greatly appreciated as the sum needed is not attainable on my own.

Thank you.