Please help! My sister's family was involved in a house fire and have been permently displaced. This is a total devastation because they have nowhere to really go and no family in the area. This is horrible as she is a single mom with two school-aged girls and live in a smaller city with no resources to help other than "A homeless shelter 45 miles away". The red-cross assisted with one night stay in a local hotel and then told them that is all the assistance they can provide. Even worse, the insurance adjuster has completly denied any displacement assistance and is trying to deny the entire claim to re-build the home.

I'm in the military stationed overseas and they will not let me take leave to help due to ongoing COVID restrictions. I have sent everything I can finacially to help so they could stay in the hotel but my savings is quickly running out. They have lost so much and really need some help during this time of need with with living and housing expenses.

I know personally she didn't want to go this route because accepting any help is not the normal for her as she's the one who likes to help but if we can relieve some of this financially that would really help her and her family out. She would be the first to help anybody in need as she is teaching her two daughters to do so as well.  

I pray that we can get her some assistance for her and her children. Thoughts and prayers are also much appreciated.

Please Share and God Bless!