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Hello first let me tell you a little bit about myself I didn’t have the best life to grow up in I was constantly getting picked on cause I wasn’t that smart in school but I pushed threw and got around wich I’m not proud to say . But then out of the blue my sister and I were walking around the town I grew up in and I seen this guy who I said I was going to marry but my sister said your crazy that will never happen. O boy was she wrong in the big way on day he pulled up aside me and asked if I would love to go for a ride with him and we have not been apart since! Yes we have had some bad times but we have over come them in our marriage. Years go by and we have our first child together she is so beautiful and then we had our next child a boy so our family was now complete. Well so I thought he had a father who wasn’t the nicest fellow but he did live his kids. My husband father wife left him with 3  great boys but little did we know my husband father was Ill so one day he told use to go to the bus station that there will be something waiting there for us and o yes we got the shock of our lives there were 3 boys standing there waiting for us I have ment the kids before so it’s not like we were strangers so I took them in as my own I was seen them as my children yes I know I’m not the birth mother and I will never say that either. So the my husband dad did come up and was supposed to live here with his children and me and my husband would help out . Well it didn’t go As planned my father-in-law ended up passing away. So we took the boys in with us and ur two children . It wasn’t easy let me tell you one girl and 4 boys but it had its moments. So as years go by I decided to give college a try so I could try to provide better for my family. My husband did that he became a truck driver. So 2 nd year in college I started getting very bad pains in my woman’s area so I had to get up and leave college and take my self to the hospital theses pain were the most painful ones I have ever had! So come to find out I had cyst on my ovary they told my it didn’t look good so I should go to a specialist cause it might be cancer! I made an appointment they took my ovary out and did a biopsy o  it and it was not cancer! Thank god!  So some time has gone by my husband had hurt his neck not just hurt it but broke it and from all the stress from his broken neck and having to have surgery on it he also had a stroke! Now I had to step up and help out so that’s what I did I went to work and the next thing you know I’m going threw the broken neck ordeal just like my husband so I had to have surgery also to get my self some what repaired ya right you never feel the same after you have had a broken neck and an ovary taken out. Boy was I was wrong in April of 2022 I had to have a mammogram and come to find out there was spots on my breast that I needed to have biopsy The results came back it was positive I have breast cancer so know I have to have my breast removed and hope they get all the cancer out! The day finally came when it was time to get my breast removed I was so scared couldn’t eat couldn’t sleep until I know the results of my surgery! In July 2022 I had my surgery and got my results back they got all the cancer out but I had so much cancer I need to have the most harshest chemo treatment there is . I guess somewhere in the past I had a sonogram of my thyroid and they seen a cyst on it so now I have to go see a surgeon about that. I’m such a reck I have to go threw with chemo and radiation. I had to go to the cancer dentist so they can look at my teeth to make sure my teeth are ok ! But guess what they were not they had to pull 14 teeth before I can start chemo! Let me tell you getting 14 teeth pulled at the same time is not fun couldn’t eat anything and still can’t! I need to get implants for my teeth but my insurance doesn’t cover them and I can’t afford them ! I don’t know how I’m going to be able to get back and forth to chemotherapy and radiation cause my car is on its last leg! I even have to pay for my chemo cause my insurance will not pay for it all ! I had my first chemo treatment and at first it was aww I can handle this but boy was I wrong it like there is someone else is in your body. It’s been about a week and I still can’t hardly eat and I don’t want to go or do anything. My next chemo treatment is when my hair starts to fall out and that what’s scares my me so much cause I don’t want to look at my self. I’m so glad that all of my children don’t have to see me this way. So I hope whoever reads this they will donate to help me out with this long road to recovery so I can see my children get married and have there families of there own . Thank you so much 


Update #1
September 17, 2022
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Had my second round of chemo treatment and it’s been a couple of days and I’m still feeling like crap my hair is falling out like crazy. I can’t really move off the couch my husband bought me these  lovely flowers and I love flowers and that can’t even lift my sprits . I still have a long way to go cause I still have to finish my chemo and by the time that’s all done I will have no hair. I still have to finish my reconstruction of my breast and my teeth. So if anyone can donate a little it will go a long way . Prise  the lord he will guide me through my time of need. Thank you for taking the time to read this. My god. Be with you in your time of need.


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