On 09/02/22 me and my kids life would change forever My husband Edward stiffler  passed away. August 9th he was driving down the street when a truck pulled out in front  and he did not have enough time to stop and he ended up collided into the truck and was airlifted to John Muir at first everything was going okay on when he got to the hospital he had multiple broken bone that they were able to stabilize he was doing better but August 31 22 he took a turn for the worst his kidneys stopped working then his liver and his intestines and we lost him after he went into cardiac arrest which was caused by the bleeding and multiple Organ failure that he was dealing with because of the injuries he endure in the crash he has three children who love him dearly and they were his pride and joy he is currently at the hospital Mortuary but I was told at hospital that he is only aloud there for a limited amount of time I am trying to give him the funeral he deserves and then cremate him so his children has their fathers ashes. No one deserves to feel the pain our family is feeling at this time. None of us expected  to lose him and are not financially Prepared for the cost of a funeral on top of his funeral I am having to deal with his family who is trying to take everything he had from my child even if you can only donate a dollar it would help during these difficult times would be appreciated