As you are all aware, this effort is to prevent the city of Bella Vista from controlling private property, starting with STRs. It is unconstitutional at the very least. In order to pursue this we will need to raise money.

I am asking for your donation of $150. That will allow us to file an injunction, which would stop the city at least temporarily. Keep in mind that we are going to try hard to stop this at the ballot box in addition.

Failure to control this now, while we have the opportunity, could potentially cost us much more in the long run.

The first goal is to hire Greg Payne at the Story Law Firm, PLLC as our attorney to file an injunction to immediately bring the ordinance to a halt, and fight this battle for us. When the ordinance is published, the injunction will be filed. The city attorney will be served the injunction at the city council meeting. That would essentially stop all discussion, possibly until the new mayor and council are seated. If we can get as many STR owners to contribute at least $150, I think we would be well on our way.

If the city decides to appeal it, the second goal takes us to the Arkansas Supreme Court at perhaps $30,000, but we don't need that much now. There are constitutional issues at hand in what they are attempting to discriminate against, so perhaps Bella Vista STR owners can set the precedent of hands off STRs, and other property rights.

As you know many hands make light work, many owners can make lighter financial contributions. 

I have chosen to organize this through givesendgo for 2 reasons.

1. There are no fees like gofundme unless donated specifically during the donation process. Just scroll donation number to zero for no additional monies.

2. Recently when the truckers in Canada were protesting, gofundme decided to freeze the campaign, and givesendgo volunteered itself as an alternative and raised more than $4.4 million (Canadian) in two days.

Thank you for your donation!