UPDATE: This is amazing! Thank you Colleyville for your generosity. We are definitely going to be able to send 50 mats. Now we get to work on our 2nd goal of providing a yoga towel to EVERY participating service man and woman that they can take with them as they continue to grow in their practice. 

Our amazing Life Time Colleyville member, Paula L, is responsible for 2 bases in Lithuania, and 2 in Latvia. She states, "The troops are begging for yoga!! The 1st week I taught yoga, I had close to 50 participants. My sole mission is supporting the military and implementing resiliency, health, and wellness programs. There’s been a few suicide attempts in the short time I have been here, so yoga is a perfect outlet for most of the Soldiers. I truly believe that yoga will save the lives of many service members."

Our current goal is to raise enough money to purchase 50 yoga mats. Each mat costs $65 USD. Won't you consider sharing Paula's story with a friend and both of you donating $33 each so one of our brave soldiers can have a yoga mat to practice on? Perhaps you could donate enough to purchase 1 or even 2 mats. Any amount is much appreciated. Every penny goes to the mental health and well being of our brave service members.

"I bow to you...Namaste."