In January of 2022, as an unvaccinated cadet with a pending religious exemption selected for Active Duty as a Chemical Officer, I disenrolled from ROTC in my last semester of graduate school. I was told by multiple chaplains and current active duty officers that my request would be denied although I had not yet received my final determination, and my command had told me not to look for jobs until I had finality from the Surgeon General. Instead of waiting, I took matters into my own hands and disenrolled in order to provide for my wife and I as well as to prevent the incurring of more debt from the Army. Only a few months prior in September my wife and I had gotten married, and now found ourselves without a clear way forward. The Lord provided and gave us both wonderful jobs, but recently the Army sent a letter requiring us to repay them for the scholarship money I received while I was a cadet in graduate school. While we did expect this bill, the effects of it have placed a lot of financial stress on us as we have to wait to buy a home and worry about how to provide for our future children. Any donation to help us pay down this burden would be greatly appreciated.