Plant Based Christian Restaurant!

I had a thought of having a plant based restaurant either called Prov-Herbs or the Daniel company. 

The thought was to make an environment that brought forth intercession and good and healthy food based on Daniel’s diet with the promotion to good causes.

I’ve heard of a vegan restaurant before that was totally nonprofit. I was like what that’s possible?!?! Wow. Then I was like ok well I think if it were to be called the Daniel company it should promote missions, refugees , people captive in other countries, and even building up people to build up counselors for government officials.

It would be open in the morning for Bible study and intercession. 12-6 for food.[times could change] And open mic for in the evening for preachers, evangelists, faith based speakers, singers etc. 

Giving funds would help with monthly support of rental space, supply, permits required, and help. Even education that may be needed to start up.

I’m very aware of how this type of diet and fast [with the HS] helps people think clearly, get revelation, and even healing. I think it would be an awesome thing to have in a community like mine where there isn’t much plant based option. This idea even could go further by bringing food to possibly university students and government people.In that raising up a wise generation while spreading the word and connecting ministers with government leaders by food. 

Who knows where this could lead! 

If God places it on your heart to give do so with joy.

If you have connections, edu. about nonprofit or would want to volunteer. That would be great! We need all the help we can get.