Lizzie Harding has been falsely incarcerated on such outrageous allegations as posting pictures of her children telling them she loves them as a result of a corrupt ex-parte family court proceeding.

The fraudulent criminal proceeding is being perpetrated without notice, hearings or trial in order to prevent her release. There is evidence to suggest Lizzie is being imprisoned to deprive her from participating in her own defense and to falsely procure a fraudulent psychological diagnosis to give her husband, who is a law partner, cover for his pedophilia.

 She was locked in solitary confinement and refused bail for almost a month. Bail was then set for $100,000, making it impossible for Lizzie to be released.

Please generously support this treasured mom of 3 children to obtain her release immediately.  This could happen to anyone. All funds will be used for bail and court costs.  Thank you for your support.