After giving birth to our brand new beautiful baby boy on August 4th, the hospital decided to call CPS on us the moment we left simply because we did not comply with some of their policies and opted to see our own doctor over the hospital pediatrician. No more than a few hours after arriving home armed law enforcement officers were at our door. My family and I are now being harassed and terrorized by these child trafficking criminals and have been forced to leave our home after being threatened with a court order if we do not allow them to see our children. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars just over the past 2 weeks simply trying to find a quiet peaceful place away from the daily harassment of CPS and Law Enforcement so we can try to enjoy this gift of life that has been given to us in relative peace. We had hoped to go home by now but this is looking like we now need to leave our home permanently after CPS decided to interview all of our neighbors making them believe we are child abusers. We have never asked for charity in our entire lives and my husband, a true patriot who has served his country for over 15 years, has a wonderful job that he cannot go back to and may lose if this does not end soon. Please help us keep our family together. We are good people with beautiful healthy children who do not deserve this. Please help us get through these tough times. We are truly thankful for any help.