Back on 8/9/2021 I thought I may have had Covid. Since the week before they told my daughter she had it. I lost taste and smell which I though was normal. I called and annoyed my dr to no end. With hey don’t you want to check me or why haven’t you called me it states on the form someone was going to call me? Should I have a chest X-ray just to make sure all's ok? I think you were to give me meds since I spoke to tons of nurses who stated I was to be given a Covid 19 medication protocol which included ivermectin. She says I have to reach out to infectious disease and ask since I don’t know the dosage. She reaches out. His response was the patient is not old enough for the medication plus it’s not FDA approved. Hmmm. So my response was that’s funny because age shouldn’t matter and it is an FDA approved drug so I send her my information I had on the drug and even though infectious disease said I was not allowed the medication she went ahead and called it in based off of my research. Or maybe to just shut me up. Because yes I asked questions daily this is my health. I am entitled to ask as many questions as needed. So she calls it and pharmacist calls me to tell me there pulling the drug and no pharmacy can get it. 

So I never got the drug while having Covid. I recovered but I started having weird symptoms. 

Tasting heightened salt

Gasoline for 2 weeks like I was legit swimming in it and the fumes were hurting my chest


Acid from orange 

Water smells like bleach 

Mind you I have zero taste and smell.


I noticed I couldn’t shower without being in serve pain in my spine.

I thought I was having long or post Covid symptoms what they all say you get. So thought that was normal. But my symptoms were getting worse and worse. I got lost driving. I hallucinated in the car. To the point I wanted to crawl to the floor I was crying so bad and begged to be taken home. Symptoms would come and go for months but pain with showering never went away.


I kept bugging my dr to help me she kept ignoring me. I got so desperate I was going to express care scheduling video visits with who ever would be available from ER. 


So at this point what ever was going on was manageable. But I was getting random fevers every week and sick. And I did lose a lot of weight but again I associated that with loss of taste and smell. But no one had answer to why and no one wanted to see me because of my symptoms. You get sick and can’t be seen. 


So I go on a trip with my daughter and ex mother in law in November and 2 days before we leave I started to feel sick again. But zero meds were working. I sucked it up and went anyway we went to Tennessee which required flying. The whole trip I was sick but medicated my self just to feel ok and not ruin the trip for her. 


My sickness included and serve post nasal drip that was making my throat raw and my voice very raspy and body aches. Constant funny nose on right side.


We get back from trip. The next day I went to express care begging for a strep test. It was negative. They tell me I’m prefectly healthy. I wanted to choke the dr but I was to weak to go to jail. I did say are you looking at the right patient because I feel like death. 


So I leave and I remember I had a script for blood work. My results come in and my vitamin D levels were low, my WBC was high and my cholesterol spiked. My dr writes WBC may be high due to a recent viral infection. Cholesterol is high so change to a high fiber diet and vitamin d is low so I’m sending vitamins to your pharmacy 50,000 units take 1 tablet once per week. My response was hello I’ve been bugging you daily, I was just at express care which is affiliated with your office and I’m currently sick. So they offered to schedule an appointment to see me. But 2-3 weeks out. At this point I ripped her apart. Zero filter. 


But after this trip my health declined so bad 


So I look for a new dr an internal dr. Found an amazing man. He starts going over all my symptoms with Mike and I and he keeps saying this doesn’t sound like post or long Covid symptoms. I again thought omg another dr turning me away. Than he says what about the Covid swab how did they preform it. So I go through it all. And Mike says to the dr wait was she injured by the Covid swab the dr never once said no but did say she does not have any post Covid symptoms.


My symptoms:

Clear constant drainage from right nostril

Constant post nasal drip down right side of throat 

Heat effects my body showering is challenging and will exhaust me and have me in pain for the day

Toes purple and numb sometimes toes swell or turn bright red

Vision blurry at times 

Serve cranium pressure when I spike a fever weekly or a flare starts

Swelling where head and spine connects only with fever or flare for the week

Arms are losing strength hands are losing strength 

Objects in room can effect every nerve in my body. Mike lended a new throw rug against the wall that threw my whole body off it had to be removed

Resting heart rate at about 139 at times

Lost now 30lbs total 

I cannot drive any longer 

Blurred side vision if I look down to read something 

I am no longer ticklish

Eating hot soup put me in hospital so no more hot foods it effected every nerve in my body and serve cranium pressure

I wake up in mid sleep with burning pains in my feet that hurt so bad I’m scared I will be stuck like that. Loss of balance at times loss of hand function at times

Memory loss items I’ve purchased I cannot recognize them. 

Some days are better than others but I maybe get 4 good days if lucky than down for awhile until I recover from flare.


I’ve been to the ER 3 times total since this started was denied treatment every single time


My experience with hot soup


1. St Luke’s Warren campus Phillipsburg NJ I went there since I trusted there. 

Dr stated I had Covid symptoms I did not. 

A. My temp was never checked 

B. Blood was never taken from me

C. My resting heart rate was well above 130 that’s all that was checked


I recently had CT and blood work done by my dr that confirmed I had zero post Covid symptoms nor have Covid but she insisted I had Covid 


I refused test since I possibly at that point didn’t know if I had an injury.

Than she asks are you vaccinated. I denied to answer that question Mike and I both state we are not here for that. So she starts pounding on my head and sinus. Mind you I had serve cranium pressure from the soup. I didn’t want to speak any longer it was exhausting so I had Mike tell her everything. She didn’t want to hear it. She says well if you get vaccinated this will all go away. Everyone comes here to get vaccinated. So Mike starts telling her about my toes. She keeps only questioning who my dr is and all his tests are wrong mind you she looked at none of them. I grab my sock and I said I’m leaving and getting a lawyer. Her response was go ahead I’m protected. I never in my life and based on the amount of pain I was in never screamed so loud I looked her in the face and said get the fuck out of my room. 

She starts running and I just kept screaming it. 

She screams call security. Security never came. I never wanted to sit in the car so badly just to feel safe. At that moment we knew we were screwed. Drs name was Komaira Ferdous.


St Lukes Easton pa

2nd time in ER thank god I had common sense to record my visit. 

Again denied any tests and this is not something you should go to the ER for. This time it was mikes turn to go off. So proud

Dr. Richard Tabor


Doylestown hospital 

3rd time swelling in head by where neck connects no answers diagnosis migraine. 

Last time I will try ER if my flare is bad on a weekend. 


So my current diagnosis is RHINORRHEA CSF LEAK with possible reoccurring meningitis which attacks your central nervous system.

Due to Covid swab injury

I found the name of the swab I was given at express care come to find out this is a huge issue for thousands of people not only me. If this swab is not done by a trained professional this is the outcome. 


I have finally an appointment in Philly at Penn medicine with a CSF leak specialist. Finally got the referral I needed. I tried without one and I had zero luck.


We were offering drs cash to see me. Denied. 

I’m sure I maybe missing things but this is most of it. 

It is now over a year later still and still have zero treatment to date.

DO NOT GET COVID TESTED I’ve been researching like crazy and the chemical alone is not safe. These swabs if inserted high enough can effect your olfactory nerve and that can have serve long term effects.

 Since no one will diagnose me. I cannot get disability. I’m on my 3rd appeal. I now have to see all “under ground” drs who cannot take insurance. Which now finances are getting really tough. Thank you for hearing my story