A scout is reverent, and I uphold this part of the Scout Law by attending my church St James Lutheran. Recently there has been a wanting to renovate their sister church St Jacobus. Though the problem occurs with the fact that there is a bat infestation within that church. To help aid them in getting rid of the bats in a way safe for both the bats and humans I will construct Your bat boxes located in the church's backyard so the bats will have a new home. In addition, there are no definite records of who is in the plots and where certain people are buried in the graveyard. This has caused my pastor to go into a fluster whenever family members of the deceased ask to see certain grave sites. That is why I will also be mapping and cleaning the tombstones within the cemetery. Finally, our congregation has been trying to beatify the prayer garden, I will help them by adding a sign that will lead members to the newly created garden, butterfly house, and freshly painted labyrinth. This is a very ambitious project, and your help would be greatly appreciated. Your contributions will not only benefit the people of St. James, but the positive community they create and share.