Hi, My name is Josh Luth.
I'm fundraising to send me with a missions program called YWAM (youth with a mission).
With this missions program I will be part of a DTS (discipleship training school) and will spend the first 3 months in Kona Hawaii learning how to be a missionary. During these first 3 months I will get to know God better and make him known.
The second phase of YWAM is the outreach part. During this part I will travel with a team of people overseas to a country and share the gospel to unreached people, and strengthen and encourage the faith of people in those countries.
To be able to do YWAM I will need to raise about 4000$ for the first phase. The funds for this phase will be used to pay for housing, food, and the schooling.
The outreach phase will cost about 4000-6000$. The funds for this phase will be used to pay for flights to the outreach location, housing, food, and any other expenditures that will appear along the way.
Thanks so much for any donations, God bless