Howdy Everyone

              I’m a 51 year old Disabled Christian that doesn’t get disability. To be honest, I don’t want it. I have spent my whole life working & earning what I need with the help of the Good Lord, I would rather keep it that way as long as possible. I’m not asking for a hand out; I simply need a hand up. I’m asking for some help to catch up bills and finish designing and launching a new website where people can be free to chat and discuss topics that are important to them without fear or worry of getting banned or restricted for their beliefs. I’m trying to raise $750 which is $158 to get the upgrade I need for the website, $400 to help catch up Internet, and $80 to help get my meds and cover any hidden fees. This is enough to get me back up on my feet so I can continue helping my current clients and gain a few more.  

              In 2001 I was diagnosed with 6 genetic spine diseases. I decided to start back to school for computers, internet, & technology. I have been online now over 21 years. I have seen how the Internet and Technology have grown over the last 40 years. With the recent Internet crack downs and censorship, I decided to put my skills to task. I have been working 14 months building a new website that people can use without the Big Tech, Gov, and Corporations over reach.  I have spent 9 years learning web design. I have spent 3 yrs planning on this new website.  Due to a recent massive heart attack the morning after Christmas Day last year, I have fallen behind a little bit. My main goal is to get the pro version of a couple of Plugins needed to finish building the new website and catch up my Internet bill. Without Internet I earn nothing.

Here is link to the website

God Bless & Thank You for your Help