Food is life. Local, heathy, sustainable farming solutions will be the future! 

The Problem -  Our communities lack easy access to locally grown, healthy and affordable food. 

The Solution - Local Polyculture (Multi-Crop) Eco-friendly community based farms and greenhouses.

There exists methods of farming and growing food which work as part of an integrated system intended on providing ample food security and access to healthy locally grown food for all. These methods of sustainable growing are the antidote to our current situation of large monocrop and factory farming practices. Implementing Sustainable Farms here in Ontario provides us an opportunity to return to a rounded and balanced form of growing, eating and living. These implemented growing practices can then be taught to children and other communities to start our transition away from factory food and into a healthy future for all.

To start a Sustainable Eco-friendly Farm is my mission 

My name is Daniel Smith, I'm an Environmental Technologist, a Grower and an Innovator. Since my birth in 1994 I've been an avid lover of heathy food and passionate about the whole process from field to plate. I spent much of my early life farming then dedicated myself to studying the science of our environment. I then worked in Grey Highlands as a Drinking and Wastewater Operator which furthered my understanding of natural processes related to water and health. So what did I learn? Working directly with the community and in my own life I noticed a big issue. Our communities lack access to locally grown organic foods. I wish to start changing that. I believe my purpose on earth is to provide healthy food to those who need it and to teach others how to do the same. Using my education and sustainability training in combination with my experience farming and growing I am able to produce an abundance of REAL heathy food. This food (of all types) will be donated to local schools and communities in ways that prioritize harmony and heath and promote positive growth. I do not wish to sell what is grown and produced for financial profit but instead to develop integral systems within communities to distribute the abundance where its needed locally. This is about creating healthy local and secure food systems for our children to come. The time to start is now. 

God willing and with help, I will create and operate a sustainable and environmentally friendly farm which will provide a local community in need with many forms of growth. Donated foods and meals, free workshops and programs for education and empowerment and much more. By sharing my skills, knowledge, experience and mindset I can make a big impact on the way we grow our food.  

I need now the help of others to make this dream possible. 

More information on what a sustainable farming system looks like in action the Documentary 'Sustainable" is fantastic. Preview link 

If you donate, your money will be used to acquire the property and to implement the requirements of the farm, laying the foundations toward a Healthy future for the generations to come! I will live on the property myself and run the daily operations the farm. Jobs and housing for those in need will also be offered to the community once the farm is operational.

To sustain the farm costs if donations alone will not due, relationships with local restaurants and bakeries can be made to sell our more specialized products to them in win-win partnerships 


  • Purchase a farmstead close to a community in need (Ontario)
  • Establish and operate "Ecologically Sustainable Farm" 
  • Implement old and new growing practices, No harmful growing methods, GMOs or "cides"
  • Donate healthy real food to schools, shelters, churches, foodbanks, etc. 
  • Run programs and day camps teaching, showing and sharing these methods and knowledge 
  • Be a trailblazer and example for others to learn from and start making a difference in the world with Compassion

We need to begin the transition from expensive unhealthy food to easily accessible, healthy, and locally grown, with local organic and environmentally sustainable farms that produce abundance with innovation combining the old and new!

This is our chance to create something for the generations to come, our chance to take our health into our own hands and to provide for our children in new and meaningful ways that will last and grow! Any and all help toward this goal is a blessing and I encourage anyone who wants to know more or be involved to please reach out at

The farm will include: Fruits, Veggies, Spices, Honey, Animals, Gourmet mushrooms and fungus and teach a mindset of environmental stewardship. The possibilities for growth are endless, we just have to plant the seeds together! 

Thank you and may God Bless you!

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