JR Smith Legal Fund

Campaign Created by: Denise Hepburn

The funds from this campaign will be received by Denise Hepburn.

Goal : CAD $10,000
Raised : CAD $ 10,575

Hello Everyone!

Derrick and I have decided to set up this fundraising page, to help JR with all upcoming legal costs. There is absolutely no obligation to make a financial donation, but we ask that you please share this information with as many people as possible.

As most of you all know by now, JR has been accused of participating in a horrible event that took place in Belize 11 days ago, and is now alone, sitting in a prison while we work continuously to make this right.

JR is 100% innocent.

Every single person who truly knows JR, knows that this is NOT who he is, and the fact that he was doing what he could to protect innocent bystanders at the time, is a testimony to who he really is as a human being. 

This will not be JR’s story, and with your help we will do everything possible to ensure that.

Please know that JR is incredibly grateful for everyone’s love and support, and ALL support - whether financial or otherwise - is appreciated on the highest level!!!❤️

Thank you in advance,



Update #1
August 19, 2022
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Good Evening Everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick update on JR, and also thank you ALL for your generous support and continuous love for JR!❤️

We have been able to speak with JR, Mon-Fri, for a few minutes at a time, and I’ve been able to see him briefly on video chat on Fridays as well - twice now. He’s still as handsome as ever!🥰😉

He looks healthy, and is doing his best to remain optimistic and positive; a difficult task I’m sure! He wants you all to know how “unbelievably grateful” he is for the support, and plans on personally speaking to, and thanking you all individually, when he is finally cleared of these charges and out of the hell-hole he’s currently in. When I speak of everyone who has been in his corner, he is always emotional (in a good way), and surprised. I continue to explain to him that it’s because of the man that EVERYONE knows he is, that he has such a vast amount of support!

He has been able to purchase things for himself through the prison store, and his friend Dave has been visiting him every other day to ensure that he has money in his canteen, and anything else that he requests.

He is not being mistreated/abused at this prison, however he is under certain protocols that make his ‘rules/rights’ different from other inmates, and not for the better. JR is in his cell 23hrs a day, with his one hour for commutation and activity outside. He loves to read, however this is another limitation that he’s dealing with - apparently being able to read books is considered a privilege, and he is not afforded that privilege at this time. He is allowed prison books, but nothing from the ‘outside’…🙄

JR is being fed at this prison, however he is eternally grateful for the food that Dave brings to him on his visits! 

Bottom line: JR is frustrated and looking forward to this being a very distant memory! He has two lawyers now, and his brother is also in contact with a Canadian criminal lawyer as well, so we have the bases covered. Unfortunately it’s simply a waiting game, and while the lawyers are doing everything they can to have him released, it’s been a continuous battle.

Derrick and myself will continue to keep everyone as informed as we’re able, and (again) we are appreciative of ALL your support and love for JR.

Thank you!❤️



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